This is the first demo of my upcoming game - Dungeonfall. Please advise and provide your feedback. Thanks.

Game Instructions
ASD - Character moving
K/Space/ mouse click - Action/Shoot/Jump

Left Axis - Moving
Button A - Action / Shoot / Jump
Left / Right Trigger - Moving/Swapping (Menu)


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You've done a lot of innovative things here. I love the feel of the combat and being able to choose different weapons. It's difficult to tell when shooting will give me some air and when it will not, though. I also think this game is tailor-made for mobile. It would need a few adjustments, but it could really appeal to the hyper-casual market, which is big right now. It  has more robust gameplay and better game feel than many of the mobile games out there. 

The music tells you to go intense without planning anything else, and the game tells the exact opposite. Ugh

I love it a lot, but would be even better with levels instead of just getting to 1000m. Also, will it be ported to android? Great work on the pixel art btw!

HI, thanks for playing. It will be ported to IOS and Android. I will consider to change the whole stage select interface.

Wow, great to hear from you! Another tip: make it compatible with controllers, like this demo.

very similar to Downwell but with less tight controls. was this on purpose or just coincidence?

Hi, you got it right. The original concept is started from Downwell and Vertical Drop Heroes.

Thanks for playing~